An Emirati couple, who will soon stand trial for torturing an eight-year-old girl to death, were jailed on Wednesday morning for one year after they admitted having consensual sex.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court jailed the 29-year-old Emirati man, Hamad S., and his 27-year-old mistress, Al Onoud A., for one year each after they pleaded guilty in courtroom.

Hamad S. and Al Onoud claimed that they had consensual sex upon a marriage contract when they appeared before Presiding Judge Abdul Fattah Mohammad. The defendants did not produce the purported marriage contract in court on Wednesday.

Senior Chief Prosecutors Mohammad Ali Rustom, Head of Family and Juveniles Prosecution, told the media earlier that primary investigations exposed that the so-called marriage contract was unofficial.

Hamad and Al Onoud are expected to stand trial before the Dubai Court of First Instance’s Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi next month.

One girl killed by torture, her sister left disabled

Prosecutors accused the couple of illegally confining Hamad’s eight-year-old daughter Wudeema and torturing her with different means of brutality and aggression that led to her death. The suspects also tortured Wudeema’s younger sister, seven-year-old Meera, and caused her 10 per cent permanent disability.

The defendants confessed during prosecution questioning that they beat and tortured the girls to discipline them because they were disobedient.

Dubai’s Attorney General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan said earlier Wudeema and Meera were grounded in their father’s flat where they were unlawfully confined, tortured and scorched with several tools over a period close to six months.

Girls burned, scalded, given electric shocks

Prosecutors accused the father and his crime partner with using extensive force and torturing the girls and burning their bodies with an ironing machine and electric prods.

They also poured hot water on their bodies.

They were accused of torturing the girls physically and emotionally.

The defendants reportedly buried Wudeema’s body in Al Badayer area in Sharjah without permission.

The decomposition and disfigurement of the bodymade it difficult for forensic doctors to verify the cause of death.

“The couple detached themselves from any sort of humanity and mercy when they tortured the girls. The girls were locked up in the bathroom and left without food. We have asked the court to implement a capital punishment against the suspects,” said the Attorney General.