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Dubai: A student is accused of slapping a Saudi man and leaving him deaf, after causing severe brain injury, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

The 21-year-old Emirati defendant caused 65 per cent permanent disability to the Saudi victim in a fight outside a nightclub in Barsha, which began because the latter bumped into the accused.

The Emirati defendant told officers that the incident happened at around 1.30am, in June last year, when the man accidentally bumped into him.

“I was drinking [liquor] and then left the place. While I was walking out, he bumped me on the shoulder. I just slapped him then he fell into the ground,” the Emirati said.

He tried to help the unresponsive man and asked the man’s brothers who were present to call an ambulance, but no one did.

“He woke up after a while and his brothers started helping him, I still asked them to call for an ambulance but they wouldn’t,” he added.

The 36-year-old victim was eventually taken to hospital where he was found to have a bleed on the brain before slipping into a coma.

According to a medical report, the victim had to undergo surgery to stop the bleeding.

The victim was discharged from hospital a few weeks after the assault, but was left with a permanent disability estimated at 65 per cent.

He lost his hearing, and is unable to keep his balance.

He also lost natural protection of the brain due to a weakness in the skull.

The Emirati defendant was charged with physical assault that caused a permanent disability. He failed to appear in the courtroom to enter a plea. The trial was adjourned until May 29.