20200714 dubai court
The Dubai Courts. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered the suspension of the case of a man who fell in love with his countrywoman and ordered his friends to kidnap her and bring her to him.

The defendant, who is still at large, muzzled her to prevent her from screaming, but she was smart enough to drop her bag and phone on the ground before being dragged inside the taxi.

An Indian couple jogging in the area witnessed the kidnapping. They found the woman’s phone lying behind and alerted Dubai Police. The taxi was identified by Dubai Police, who rescued the victim from a house in the Al Nahda area of Dubai.

Victim charged as well

Dubai Public Prosecution has also charged the woman with practising prostitution and having an illicit affair with the absconding defendant. “Five of the defendants who were arrested admitted to the kidnap charge. They claimed that the absconding defendant had asked them to bring the woman to him,” said a policeman on record.

The victim said she was angry and left the home of the defendant when she discovered that he was already married and had children. The five Bangladeshi friends were charged with kidnapping.

The reason behind the suspension of the case wasn’t clear.