Jail cells. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A government employee, who was inspecting a massage centre, has been arrested on charges of raping a masseuse, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Wednesday.

According to official records, the Egyptian defendant, 34, went to inspect a massage centre in Al Barsha on February 2019, where he met the 36-year-old masseuse.

The Thai woman, who came to Dubai on a visit visa in November 2018, was in the process of changing her status upon joining the centre when she met the defendant.

“He was carrying an employer tag and file in his hand. He inspected the place and the rooms before claiming that one of the rooms wasn’t clean. He asked for my Emirates ID and I told him that I’m modifying my status. He told me I would be excused if I had sex with him,” the woman said in official records.

Subsequently, the woman said the ‘inspector’ pushed her on the bed in a small massage room and raped her, following which he took a shower and left.

The woman said when she told her supervisor, she asked her to call Dubai Police and report the incident. “Nobody witnessed the incident and I couldn’t resist the man because I was scared and he was physically strong,” she added.

A 38-year-old Emirati policeman said that they checked the surveillance cameras and identified the defendant’s car.

“We identified his workplace, traced him and arrested him. He said that he went to have massage in the centre and offered her an extra Dh100 in exchange of sex but he didn’t pay the money and she yelled at him and kicked him,” the Emirati policeman said.

However, during interrogation, the defendant confessed to raping the woman.

The trial has been posted to May 1.