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File picture used for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: A Pakistani worker has gone on trial accused of touching a woman’s backside while she was entering a metro train, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

A 35-year-old Filipina saleswoman testified that she was with her friend at a metro station heading towards Burjuman when she felt something touching her backside when the doors of the metro train opened.

“I turned and saw the victim sticking his body against me while entering the train,” she said. “He touched my backside with his hand. I was angry and moved away. He intentionally touched me and there was no crowd,” she added.

Her friend also saw the defendant touching the body of another woman inside the train and decided to take action.

“I saw him putting his body against hers and she was angry. Later I saw him touching another woman, so I stopped him when we reached the next station. He tried to escape but I controlled him and alerted police,” said the victim’s friend, a 36-year-old from the Philippines.

Dubai Police arrested the defendant and took him to Al Rifaa police station.

The 29-year-old Pakistani defendant was charged with sexually abusing the victim.

A verdict is expected on October 10, while the defendant will remain in custody.