20200714 dubai court
A Dubai court has cleared an Indian doctor of charges of sexually molesting a woman after a Botox therapy session. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: An Indian doctor was cleared of sexually molesting a woman after a Botox therapy session.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 31-year-old American victim had earlier said in court that in August this year, she visited the clinic in Bur Dubai when the doctor put his hands on her cheek, kissed her twice and hugged her. “After the defendant put the Botox on my face, I went to the consultation room based on his request to discuss plastic surgery. I was exhausted and was terrified of Botox and also because of a recent break-up with my friend. I was surprised when the defendant put both of his hands on my cheek and kissed me twice,” the victim said on record.

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She claimed that the 42-year-old Indian defendant tried to kiss her on her lips, but she moved her head away and tried to leave the room. “He tried to calm me down and said I needed to rest, but he hugged and kissed me again,” she added.

The woman managed to escape from the clinic and alerted Dubai Police. Prosecution charged the defendant with sexually abusing the woman. However, the court found the doctor not guilty.

Prosecution has appealed against the verdict and the case has been referred to Dubai Court of Appeal. A date for hearing the appeal will be set later.