Car Keys
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Dubai: A gang of three men was sentenced to three years in jail for stealing a car key from a Dubai villa.

The three Pakistani men, aged between 21 to 28, broke into a merchant’s villa at Al Muraqabbat area, hoping to steal gold jewellery and cash. But they only managed to steal the key to a luxury car and escape after knocking down the merchant’s driver and the guard.

In March this year, the 70-year-old Yemeni guard was sleeping in his room attached to the villa when he woke up to find a member of the gang sitting on his chest threatening to kill him if he yelled for help. “He told me that he came to steal cash and gold but I told him that I don’t know where it is. Another man tied my hands and legs to the bed, assaulting me several times. They stole the car key and left,” said the Yemeni victim in official records.

The 52-year-old Indian driver said that it was 3:30am, when three masked men woke him up and threatened him with a knife. “They asked for the remote device to open the villa’s door. But I told them that I don’t know where it is. They punched me in the face and I fell unconscious,” said the Indian driver.

Dubai Police, who were alerted, promptly arrested the three defendants. The defendants claimed that they knew the villa owner was a merchant and keep his money inside the villa.

“They admitted to wearing masks and gloves to carry out the robbery. They beat the two men and escaped,” an Emirati policeman testified.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the three defendants with stealing a car key at night and assaulting the two victims.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the trio to three years in jail to be followed by deportation.

The verdict will be subject to appeal within 15 days.