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Dubai: Two men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of stripping a Dubai worker naked on camera, stealing a Dh500 mobile phone from him and threatening to publish his images online.

The two Indian defendants, aged 27 and 21, refused to give the worker, also an Indian, his full salary and physically assaulted him.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the 24-year-old Indian worker entered the country in May 2019 on a visit visa and was searching for a job when another person recruited him on a construction site for Dh1,500 per month.

“They didn’t pay me my full salary and were giving me Dh100 only. I was angry and threatened to report them to Dubai Police,” the victim said in records.

In November 2019, the victim was heading to Al Refaa police station when the two defendants pushed him inside a room and assaulted him with a bar.

“They stripped me naked and recorded me using their phones. They threatened to publish the clips on social media platforms if I reported the incident to the police,” he added.

Police apprehended the two men who admitted of assaulting the victim and stripped him naked over a financial dispute.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the pair with theft, issuing threats, sexual abuse and physical assault.

The next trial is on February 23.