Woman accuses judge of rape
Representational image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A Dubai restaurant owner was on Sunday accused of raping a waitress inside his office, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

According to official records, the Algerian woman, used to work in the restaurant for two months but they couldn’t provide her with a resident permit. She worked for another restaurant until May 2019, when she heard that her former restaurant is looking for waitresses.

She applied for the job and met the 47-year-old Afghani businessman inside the restaurant at Al Raqaa area and offered her the job for Dh2,000.

“He asked me to go to his office in the same building to sign the work contract. It was 10pm when both went to the office. He locked the door with a key and put it in his pocket before touching my body in an inappropriate way,” said the Algerian victim in records.

She begged him to open the door but he refused and threatened to kill her. He dragged her by the hair and pushed her to the bed and raped her after ripping off her cloth.

She kept yelling and pushed him away and he gave her some cash and asked her not to report the incident to police and promised to marry her.

She was bleeding when she went to her residence on the same area and reported the incident to Dubai police.

An Emirati police officer responded to her emergency call and saw her inside the restaurant crying.

“The defendant claimed that he did nothing to her and that she is lying because she needed money. She claimed that he raped her,” the Emirati policeman said.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with raping the Algerian woman.

A verdict is expected on September 25.