Dubai Court
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a gang to one year in jail to be followed by deportation in a Bitcoin scam.

According to official records, a woman wanted to buy Bitcoins for Dh300,000.

She went to meet the seller at Al Nahda with two friends when two men threatened them with an axe.

“We were waiting for the buyer when two men came carrying an axe threatened to harm us. They stole the bag of money and other valuables,” claimed the victim in official records.

The other two men were monitoring the area and the gang members escaped the scene.

A man heard the women’s yell for help and managed to record the number of the escaping car.

Dubai Police caught up with a suspect who was identified by the women and arrested.

He claimed that a friend asked to drop him in Al Nahda for a Bitcoin deal.

“I dropped them to the place and they went to a parking area between buildings. After two minutes, they returned and asked me to leave quickly. They were carrying bags and a laptop,” said the defendant in records.

He guided officers to the defendants’ places.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the four defendants with robbery.

They were sentenced to one year in jail to be followed by deportation.

Judges ordered them to pay a fine of Dh342,188.

The verdict will be a subject to appeal within 15 days.