The gang stole around Dh40,000 from the three victims. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: The leader of a Dubai-based gang, who used to lure victims into a brothel to steal their money, was arrested after four years of multiple complaints.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, a Bangladeshi gang used a house in the Naif area of Dubai as a brothel to lure visitors, steal their money, before threatening them with publishing their pictures with prostitutes if they reported the incident to police.

Most of the victims failed to report the incidents as they are wary of being exposed during their visit to a brothel and left the country after finishing their trip.

In October 2020, three Indian victims were in the area exchanging currency when they were lured to the place by a gang member. “We were searching for a meat shop when someone guided us to an old house, claiming that the place sold meat for a low price. As we entered the house, a group of ten Bangladeshi men attacked us and stole our money,” said the 45-year-old Indian visitor.

The gang stole around Dh40,000 from the three victims before forcing them to enter the rooms to have sex with prostitutes. “I was crying and told the girl that I don’t want to have an illegal affair. She told me that she would tell the gang that I had sex with her.”

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The gang took pictures of the three men with the prostitutes and threatened to publish those pictures on Facebook. However, the three victims called 999 and reported the incident to Naif Police Station.

A policeman testified that the 54-year-old Bangladeshi ring leader was arrested four days after the incident. The other gang members are still at large. The defendant was also charged with robbery.

The next hearing scheduled for January 2021.