Dubai: The father of teenager, who was too busy with work and travel, discovered his son was addicted to drugs and managed to rescue him with help from Dubai Police.

A top official said the father sought help from Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police when he started noticing that his under-18 son was behaving strangely. The centre advised the busy father to spend a full day at home to figure out the teenager’s routine when he discovered that he kept bad company, with his drug addict friends blackmailing him into paying for their substances too.

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Colonel Abdullah Matar Al Khayat, manager of Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police,

“The father was worried about his children as he was invariably out on work. We advised him to spend a whole day in the house and monitor his children’s behaviour. He discovered the teenager spent long hours alone in his room,” Colonel Abdullah Matar Al Khayat, director of Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police, said.

“His son was on his first steps into drugs addiction because of his bad friends,” he said, adding that the friends would come to meet himin front of the villa.

The father admitted that he had distanced himself from his son and the only communication between them was when he needed money. The father would give them the money without checking where it was going.

When he realised the mistake, he admitted his son to the Hemaya rehabilitation centre and sought professional help.

Hemaya Contest

Hemaya contest was lauched last month to give university students in the UAE a chance to educate the public about drug addiction by recording awareness clips.

It also wanted students to focus on how parents could protect them from addiction.

Students participating in the contest - Hemaya Clip - stand to win a Dh100,000 prize.

Students can send a 60-seconds video between December 1 and 15.