Children’s constant exposure to free online video games has a downside, police warn Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dubai: Dubai Police have warned the public against falling prey to free online games which collect personal data to breach the privacy of users, especially children.

An official at the Dubai Police said e-patrols had spotted some online games that can breach personal accounts, steal information and blackmail children.

“The game providers allow download of the games for free and thousands do it as they are now staying home. People don’t know that data collected can be used to breach their privacy,” the official said.

As children spend most of their times at homes these days as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, parents allow them to play video games to kill time.

“Some parents allow their children to spend more hours on video games but this is wrong. Parents should monitor what their children are doing and who they are communicatimng or playing with. It is smart monitoring,” the official added.

Dubai Police also warned against addiction to videogames as it has a negative impact on children.

“Children who are addicted to videogames lose their communication skills and ability to form relationships with friends. They also learn to manipulate their parents to give them money for the games,” the official said.