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Dubai: A man went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday after he was accused of pushing a policeman who tried to solve a dispute between him and his neighbour.

According to official records, the 20-year-old Omani policeman was ordered to go to a residential building at Dubai Media City as there was a complaint against the defendant in June this year.

“I knocked on his door and there was loud music coming from his apartment. When he opened the door, he was angry. I told him that a Filipina had complained against him when he start yelling at me,” said the policeman in records.

The 44-year-old defendant from Bosnia and Herzegovina was under the influence of alcohol when the policeman asked him to step out of the apartment to solve the problem with the woman in an amicable manner.

“I told him that I want to solve the problem in a friendly way but he pushed me several times,” he said.

A Pakistani security guard testified that he saw the defendant being angry while speaking with the policeman.

“The defendant was furious and didn’t respect the policeman,” said the witness.

The defendant was arrested and brought to Jebel Ali police station.

He was charged with physically assaulting the policeman and illegally consuming alcohol.

The verdict is expected on July 22.