Ajman Police honour Egyptian expatriate Mohammad Sayed Mohammad for his honesty. Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: A 41-year-old Egyptian expatriate, Mohammad Sayed Mohammad, has been honoured by the police for his honesty after he returned a sum of money that he found in the parking lot of a shopping centre in Ajman. Acknowledging the man’s honesty was part of Ajman Police’s policy to honour residents, visitors and collaborators in appreciation of their positive role in society.

Captain Faisal Marwan Al Matroushi, Acting Head of Al Jurf Comprehensive Police Station in Ajman, handed over a certificate of appreciation to Mohammad for his honesty. He found the money in the parking lot of the Chinese market in Ajman. Upon finding the cash, he immediately went to the Al Jurf Comprehensive Police Station and handed over the amount to the officers there.

Captain Al Matroushi thanked Mohammad for his honesty in approaching the police station with the cash, in an effort to return the money to its owner.

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Captain Al Matroushi urged all community members to follow the example of Mohammad.