Dubai: Dubai Police arrested a group of teenagers after a video went viral on social media of the teenagers fighting in a public place, an official said on Monday.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at Dubai Police, said the police were alerted about the video depicting a group of teenagers involved in a fist-fight in Dubai.

“Just after five minutes after receiving the information, police took action and arrested the teenagers and summoned their parents,” Colonel Al Qasim said. The boys were allowed to go after they promised not to repeat the act again.

“We care about their future and asked them to promise not to repeat such behaviour in the future.”

Colonel Al Qasim warned people of recording videos breaching the privacy of people and publishing it without permission.

“It is illegal to record such incidents and publish it. It is breach of privacy and an abuse of public places,” Col Al Qasim said.

He said that “even if a wanted criminal was recorded and then the video was published, even the criminal has the right to sue the one who took the video”.