Abu Dhabi Courts remote working
Abu Dhabi Courts remote working Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The COVID-19 pandemic has failed to dampen the determination of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department officials as the court has handled a higher number of cases through its remote system during the crisis than before, officials said at a video conference on Monday.

According to statistics, the First Instance and Appeals Courts of the department handled 3,218 cases between May 3 and June 10, as against 2,521 cases between March 29 and May 2.

Public Prosecution delivered 3,102 cases between May 3 and June 10, as against 2,794 cases between March 29 and May 2, the court said.

Ahmad Ebraheem Al Marzouqi, Director, Support and Internal Operations Sector of the department, said the judicial department of Abu Dhabi has been keen on ensuring business continuity and achieving operational sustainability of judicial services and administration.

The number of divorce requests at 73 registered a spike in May and June as against 32 between March 29 and May 2.

During the past few months, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has received 105 requests for divorce cases.

The court received 429 requests for the marriage contracts between March 29 and May 2, while this figure stood at 256 between May 3 and June 10.

During the pandemic, the department targeted the maintenance of public safety and health by observing precautionary measures, Al Marzouqi added.

The success of the operations has prompted officials to continue with the remote court system to receive cases online and pronounce judgements.

During the stay-at-home initiative in Abu Dhabi, dues of more than 730 workers were delivered to their accommodations through courier services, Al Marzouqi said.

The court also resolved 1,650 cases through cheques.

During the past three months of the pandemic, a total of 19 people also accepted Islam, the official added.