Empty streets in Dubai during the 24-hour sterilisation programme
Empty streets in Dubai during the 24-hour sterilisation programme Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche, Gulf News

Dubai: The Department of Economic Development (DED) on Tuesday announced that it will extend the closure of commercial activities until April 18 as part of the government's efforts to contain the coronavirus.

In a statement published on its social media accounts, the DED said that during this period, sectors exempted from the curfew will operate as usual.

On Saturday April 4, Dubai announced that a 24-hour curfew will be carried out across the emirate for the next weeks, until April 18, as part of the national disinfection programme to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

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Even though workers employed in vital sectors are exempted from the curfew, they are required to obtain a letter from their employer stating their movement to and from work. This letter, according to Dubai Media Office, should be presented to authorities when requested. It can also be used to waive off violations if the radar catches motorists driving through the city.

Vital sectors excluded from the restrictions include:

  1. Healthcare services (Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies)
  2. Food supply outlets (Union Cooperative outlets, supermarkets, groceries)
  3. Delivery services (Food and medicine)
  4. Restaurants (operations limited to home deliveries only)
  5. Manufacturers of medicines and providers of healthcare and medical supplies
  6. Industrial sector (only vital industries)
  7. Industrial supply chain for services and basic commodities (Water and electricity sector, petrol and gas stations and district cooling services)
  8. Telecommunications sector
  9. Media sector
  10. Airports, airlines, ports, shipping
  11. Customs duty and border crossings
  12. Public and private security services
  13. Municipality services and public and private service providers involved in garbage collection, sewage management and general cleaning and sanitation
  14. Private and government sector organisations involved in combating COVID-19
  15. Public transport (buses and taxis only)
  16. Construction sector, subject to obtaining a permit from Dubai Municipality and the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs

Residents who intend to leave home during the next two weeks are required to register on the government’s website for a movement permit via dxbpermit.gov.ae.