Dr Vishwa Chabra Image Credit: Supplied

Can you tell us the significance of the upcoming yoga conference?

The Indian Government is organising the International Conference on Yoga for Body and Beyond on June 22 and 23 in New Delhi to deliberate upon the various aspects of yoga, underline its importance as a holistic therapy and the role it plays in the prevention of disease and promotion of overall health. Experts in the field from around 40 countries will be sharing their inputs at the meet.

How did you come to represent the UAE?

I was selected by the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to represent the UAE at the conference. Having studied Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, I have researched their benefits in connection with various ailments like depression and rheumatoid arthritis. I have published my findings and will share my insights on these matters at the conference. I also train people from different walks of life in yoga. My Sit Fit classes are especially popular.

How big is yoga in the UAE?

It has caught on very well. People today accept yoga as a therapeutic science, rather than just a form of exercise. Every health clinic offers yoga as it has many benefits.

Can you tell us more about Sit Fit?

Chair Yoga helps correct wrong body postures and poor working habits through a scientifically designed programme which involves 90 yoga postures that can be practised anywhere, anytime by anybody.