Abu Dhabi: American pop and R&B singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera said she has no regrets over her past life and that being a mother has inspired her new look.

The pop star is in Abu Dhabi to perform in a concert for the first time.

"It's going to be an energetic, lively show. It will be a family show and a lot of fun," she told a packed room of journalists and photographers.

She said her main focus at the moment is raising her baby boy.

The 26-year-old songstress said, "Being a mom has inspired this new look I have now. I would like to call it a mature look. It's also made me feel like a child again myself. Since my baby boy's birth, I've looked at things from a different angle, I'm really enjoying being a mom," she said.

Aguilera was open about how she grew up in a chaotic household, and that is when she reverted to music. "I naturally gravitated towards music; it was almost my escape and eventually became my expression and passion. I stayed focused on my music and enjoyed it while at it, and that's what I believe success is about. To realise what it is you're good at and enjoy and to focus," she said.

Being around positive people is also an important part of the singers' lifestyle. "You are always going to be surrounded by people who are either jealous or letting you down if you let that get to you, it's only going to draw you down."

Even though she's only delivered nine months ago, the singer looks slimmer than ever. Her secret, she said, was staying fit through cardio exercise and keeping herself busy performing. "I am sexually expressive and that goes with how I look."

Aguilera's first visit to the UAE leaves her a bit anxious about tonight. "All members of my crew are here with me and we are looking forward to a fun loving evening," she said.