Incas Youth Wing
Indian volunteers in T shirts with Nithin Chandran's picture on it Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As many 225 passengers from Sharjah on Thursday travelled to Calicut in Kerala on a special chartered flight organised in memory of Nithin Chandran, a Keralite in Dubai who passed away recently.

Chandran had supported his pregnant wife to move India’s Supreme Court for early repatriation during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The flight was arranged by Incas Youth Wing on Thursday night, Bibin Jacob, a member of the Indian organisation told Gulf News.

He added his group gave free tickets to 13 passengers while some pregnant were given priority for the repatriation flight.

“The flight was in honour of Chandran. He was an active volunteer and we wanted to pay tributes to him. He had approached the Supreme Court to start repatriation of pregnant women, including his wife,” Jacob said.