As many as 60 cakes have been given to less fortunate people under the one4one Abu Dhabi campaign Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: When did you last cut a cake to mark a special occasion? Chances are you took what you did for granted, oblivious to the fact that the seemingly customary treat could just be out of reach for many others elsewhere.

But thanks to a family-owned patisserie in the capital, you can now not only spare a thought for such people but also turn your celebration into a double treat by getting a free cake for them with your order.

M. Singh, the man behind the Celebrating Life Bakery, located in the Tourist Club area, said over 60 cakes had been given to less fortunate people in the UAE since its launch last April under a campaign called one4one Abu Dhabi.

“Every time a cake is bought from our bakery, the buyer is free to nominate someone disadvantaged to whom we will gift another cake free of cost. He said the idea stemmed from a deep sense of empathy after he realised there were many people in the UAE like labourers, taxi drivers and cleaners, who did not celebrate their birthdays or other special occasions because they were lonely, did not have enough money or were just victims of circumstance.

Spoilt for choice

Asha Sherwood, marketing manager at the bakery, said, “Customers can order a wide range of cakes, soft and sweet tiramisu and tangy black forest gateau to the popular triple chocolate cake full of moist sponge and chocolate cream.”

She said the cakes included in the one4one Abu Dhabi initiative are extremely affordable and are priced from Dh60 for a half kilogram cake.

She said cakes ordered by the purchaser are delivered in a baby blue box with a gold embossed logo. A thank you card which features information about how a cake will be donated on their behalf is also included in the box. The cake to be donated, on the other hand, entails a small ceremony during delivery. “The Celebrating Life Bakery team does the gifting in style, armed with props, the best singing voices and of course the cake. We take photos, which are shared on a monthly newsletter, so customers can see the impact their donation has made.”

The campaign is open to both individuals and companies who may want to include a donation as part of their corporate social responsibility activities.

“We want more people to get involved with the initiative so that more people get a taste of sharing and make a difference to people’s lives.”

For more details, go to www.facebook.com/CelebratingLifeBakeryAD