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The Hindu temple in Bur Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Hindu temple in Bur Dubai is scheduled to open its doors again at 6pm today, after the area was cordoned off following a fire within the complex on Monday morning.

Two shops in the lane leading up to the temple caught fire a little after midnight on Monday. The flames were promptly brought under control by Civil Defence and there were no casualties. However, one of the shops was completely gutted and the area was evacuated.

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The Monday morning fire that completely gutted one of the shops in the lane to the temple

Vasu Shroff, Chairman of the Sindhi Gurudwara in the complex, said on Tuesday morning, “Water and electricity to the entire complex was cut off following the fire that gutted two shops in the wee hours yesterday. However, we have been told that the connections will be restored by the evening and we plan to open the doors of the temple by 6pm. The area is being cleaned up now.”

Vasu Shroff says this is not the first time the temple complex has caught fire

He said this was not the first time there was a fire in the temple complex. “The first occurred in 1975 when the temple area was completely gutted. We subsequently rebuilt the structure. The second fire was around 20 years ago when my earlier office adjoining the temple went up in flames,” said Shroff.

He said the temple would mark the Hindu festival of Mahashivarathri slated for February 21 as planned. “We are expecting 50,000-60,000 people during the course of the day on Friday. It will be a smooth sail as usual and we thank the authorities for their prompt action,” he added.

Shroff said the six temple employees who were evacuated from the three rooms atop one of the gutted shops have been provided alternate accommodation until they can return.