Dubai: British singer and song writer Sami Yusuf is asking you to save an African child's life by downloading his latest single, Forgotten Promises, which costs only about Dh4. 

"Spread the news on the social media," he said, calling on the youth to help get the message across that thousands of children are still starving in the Horn of Africa. He said it was amazing that with one download of his song you can feed two people in the Horn of Africa. 

"It's the cost of a cup of coffee or a packet of crisps," said the singer whose ground-breaking album, Al Muallim, has sold millions of copies in the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia. 

The musician on Wednesday announced in Dubai his partnership with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) in his fight against hunger in the Horn of Africa. His fundraising programme is called "Livefeed". 

Forgotten Promises can be downloaded from any digital store as i-tunes or from Amazon. The CDs will be available in music stores as Virgin, petrol stations and shops across the UAE and the Middle East within the next couple of days. Each CD purchased will help feed five people in the drought stricken area. 

Sami said it was "shameful' that the media has forgotten such a large-scale human disaster. "I am blessed to be part of this (humanitarian) project," he told the media. He said hunger is a solvable problem and "From the moment we know that, we have to do something about it." 

The video of Forgotten Promises has been shot in 16 cities from New York in the US to Sharjah in the UAE. Sami said he was grateful to the UAE for the support for the project. Sharjah Police and the Municipality helped shut down Maleh-Al Madam Street for Sami to shoot a sequence playing a piano in the middle of the road. 

Elise Bijon, business development manager with WFP said even though the rains have come to the Horn of Africa, millions still need to be fed. 

A representative of the Red Crescent who was present at the meeting said UAE last week sent a ship with thousands of tons of food and medicines to help the drought stricken region.