Marwan Khalifa Qasqoos Image Credit: Supplied

Our statistics show that brakes are the second most common reason for vehicles not passing the technical vehicle test. On average 18.54 per cent of failures happen due to brake failure.

The brake system is by far the most important safety system in the vehicle. A regular check of brakes ensures that a driver is able to slow down when needed in order to avoid an accident.

When it comes to brakes, the problems are fairly noticeable. Some warning signs include a grinding or squeaking noise when using the brake, difficulty actually stopping the car and use of the brakes causing the car to veer to one side. Also, low brake fluid levels can cause soft brake pedals.

So our mission is to ensure that all vehicles cover minimum standards to be safely driven on the roads of the UAE without causing any harm to road users. Poorly maintained brake systems can result in increased stopping distance and diminished braking capacity, leading to potential safety issues. We want to do our best to avoid fatalities on UAE roads due to brake failure, so we have decided to take action by running the Friday Brake Campaign in October.

Friday Brake Campaign will offer all UAE drivers the chance to test their vehicle’s brakes absolutely free of charge. Testing will include check of brake force, deceleration and difference in braking between left and right wheels for both handbrake and service brakes. Brakes will be tested with our state-of-the-art testing system manufactured by Bosch, the German company known for its professional and reliable equipment with a 125-year history.

The free brake inspections will be available every Friday in October from 7 to 11.30am and from 2.30 to 7pm at the Quick Registration vehicle testing centre in Al Qusais, Dubai.


The writer is the Managing Director of Quick Registration vehicle testing and registration centre.

As told to Abhishek Sengupta, Staff Reporter