Dubai: Home deliveries in Dubai are usually associated with food, groceries and flowers. But books? Now, just like you order your favourite pizza, book lovers can choose from over 8,000 titles thanks to a recently opened online book rental library in the emirate.

"It's very convenient. They just click ‘I want a delivery' just like a pizza order and we deliver to them at a specific time and date. And it comes free of cost for them," Rashi Panjabi, co-founder of Reader's Paradise, told Gulf News.

Reader's Paradise, which Panjabi claims is the first online book rental library in Dubai, offers an extensive catalogue that spans various genres.

"They can browse the books online. They can see the reviews, see the ratings and they can decide whether they want it or not. We've made it up-to-date with the online system because everything is going online now," Panjabi said.

"With the busy lifestyle in Dubai, I think it takes time for people to go out and visit [book]stores. To find the time for the whole family to go to a library and spend half an hour looking for books is very hard. This way, the whole family can look online [and choose their books]," Panjabi added.

The real deal

And with thousands of e-books and e-magazines available now, Panjabi said reading real books is still the best option as turning a page and feeling it with one's hands can give the reader a better relaxing experience. Plus, it is also easier on the eyes.

From a library that has 500 members in Sharjah, Panjabi decided to relocate to Dubai and relaunch the business as an online book rental library. Delivery services are currently available in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

No due date policy

Patrons may choose to be in two categories. Light readers can avail of up to 18 children's books or nine adult books in a month and avid readers can get up to eight children's books or four adult books at one time.

A no-due-date policy is in place but readers have to become members first before they can start borrowing books. Panjabi stressed that renting helps book lovers cut the clutter at home and also contribute to the cause of the environment by saving trees from being cut to produce more paper to make books.


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