Princess Shova Shahi, sister of the late King Birendra unwittingly played a part in the bloodbath at the Narayanhity palace on June 1 that claimed the lives of the former king and his family.

In an act that she has lived to regret, Princess Shova took away the 9mm calibre MP-5K automatic sub-machine gun from King Birendra which the then crown prince had thrown down after his first attack in the billiard room. She also removed its magazine, states the 150-page report which is now posted on the internet.

The late king had already been hit by then, both the princess and Prince Paras Shah, son of the present King Gyanendra said in startling testimony that says King Birendra had wanted to shoot his own son to prevent a further bloodbath.

The king could have been saved and all the others who were shot in the second and the third bursts, if Princess Shova had not mistakenly believed that the gun dropped by Prince Dipendra was the only weapon he had. In retrospect, it proved a very costly misjudgement, and one that has irrevocably changed the course of this Himalayan kingdom.

"His Majesty (King Birendra) picked up the small weapon MP-5 automatic which he (Dipendra) had thrown before entering the room and shooting at the Late King and others the second time. But Princess Shova took away the weapon and took off the magazine," Prince Paras told the committee that was investigating the carnage in the palace that took 10 lives.

"She (Princess Shova) must have thought that it was the only weapon elder brother (then Crown Prince) had... But we soon saw that he had many more weapons," he added.

Likewise, Princess Shova admits in her interview: "I thought it was a misfire at first. Elder brother Birendra was standing. He tried to get up and he was holding a gun. Leave that, I said, and I snatched it. The magazine fell off and I threw it away."

Paras added that he had pleaded with Dipendra to spare his and the others' lives. Apparently Dipendra conceded and went out of the billiard room where he had shot his father. But, he said the second assault took place only 30 seconds later.

At another point Paras says that Prince Dipendra was in a good mood and he had "never imagined such an incident could take place. He was joking and making us laugh".

According to the Nepali version of the full report, the then crown prince had differences with his parents over his marriage with Devyani Rana, "girlfriend of Sirkar (Dipendra) for the last 7-9 years", according to one of the aides-de-camp (ADC) Raju Kumar Karki.

Karki told the committee that Dipendra had brought Devyani into the palace for the first time two years ago. The crown prince apparently wanted to marry her and had raised the topic with his parents and other relatives several times previously.

"The main motive was the marriage... The issue was raised right where the last birthday party (of the then crown prince) was taking place," says Prince Paras. "Bhai (Prince Nirajan), I were always with dai (the elder brother, then crown prince). We always did what dai told us to do... Shruti, Gorakh and the other sisters were against the marriage," Prince Paras added.

Paras further goes on to say that Dipendra did tell him hours before the fateful incident that the issue of marriage was being discussed. "I had talked about the marriage with Muma (Late Queen Aishwarya) and your mother (Paras' mother and present Queen Komal) and Afumuma (Queen Mother Ratna who survived) but both said no. I'll talk with Baba (Birendra) on Sunday," Paras quoted the then crown prince as saying while the two were talking between 7:40 pm to 8 pm that fateful night.

The crown prince was said to be drinking whisky but still in normal condition then. Shova also reportedly told the commission there had been no argument the night of the killings.

"It was a normal gathering which happens every third Friday. No argument, no discussion," she said. "The crown prince came in carrying a big gun then the shooting began. We never thought he intended to kill. We though it was a misfire, but then brother Birendra fell down. He tried to get up."

Meanwhile, Pashupati Shumsher Rana and his wife – Devyani's parents – reportedly admitted the then crown prince and Devyani loved each other, during the course of their interview with the probe committee.

Even, Supriya Shah, whom Dipendra is said to have dated before he began seeing Devyani said that he "wished to marry Devyani". Rana's parents, Pashupati Shumsher Rana, a former finance and foreign minister of Nepal, and Usha Raje Rana, reportedly left Nepal last night fearing for their safety.

Yesterday marked the last day of official mourning in Nepal. Shops, offices and schools have only been open for three days in the last three weeks.