Nicola Garelli, CEO of Beema Image Credit: Supplied

"At Beema, we believe insurance should be helpful, fairly priced, and easy to understand,” says Nicola Garelli, CEO of Beema. “We are doing it by solving two core elements that have been lagging behind in the industry: product innovation and pervasive technology.

“With our innovative Pay-per-kilometre car insurance, we created a protection that goes beyond the vehicle, keeping people on their feet. Customers who are driving less shouldn’t be paying as much as someone covering five times the mileage. Therefore, we’ve developed the mechanism of cashback, where our customers get all the protection they need and earn back a part of their premium.

“Our goal is to keep our customers moving, no matter what. Beema is challenging the status quo by investing in understanding people in depth and finding opportunities that can be turned into unique propositions that will benefit the UAE consumers.

“For industry experts, insurance is a science, but it is first and foremost a service to regular people. That’s why technology is core to our business. We want our customers to have a best-in-class experience when engaging with Beema and technology is our enabler. Insurance companies in this modern day cannot ignore the fact that most advanced protection requests and transactions are now happening online, so we are bringing this seamless ecommerce-like experience to our customers.

“Keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do, we come up with solutions that don’t hide behind obscure legal terms. We talk to our customers in plain language. The same applies to our technology approach: we do our best to make things intuitive and easy; whether it’s renewing the car insurance or looking for information on their benefits coverage, they’re never more than two clicks away.”