Abu Dhabi: A total of Dh1,140,000 was raised during the first day of the Art for Aid exhibition held to assist the Red Crescent Authority in raising funds to help reduce poverty in the world.

Art plays an important role in serving humanity and mobilising support for vital issues, said Shaikha Shamsa Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan, wife of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Red Crescent Authority (RCA) for Women's Affairs, in a statement that coincides with the ‘Art for Aid' exhibition.

Various prominent women, such as famous Egyptian Actress Faten Hamama, were present on the first day of the exhibition at a female only gathering held on Thursday afternoon.

The exhibition encourages public to purchase the exhibited artworks, starting May 1 to 3, which will be donated for a good cause through the RCA.

The Art for Aid theme is an art-based initiative to support humanitarian causes around the world: tackling poverty, giving education to needy, healthcare and malnutrition.

The event is a collaborative effort by local and international organisations and artists, and aim to create awareness, provide educational programmes and raise funds for worthy causes through creative effort. Among the items displayed are jewellery and paintings.

"The title of this exhibit, Art for Aid, uniquely expresses the intentions of the organisers and their desire to assist the RCA in raising funds to help reduce poverty in the world.

"Many regions in Africa and Asia continue to suffer from the burden of poverty with thousands of people dying, including children. Humanitarian concerns have led many people and organisations to extend their assistance in alleviating these dire conditions, out of the basic belief in human dignity and the right to live for every person on this planet. With these partners we share a common understanding and destiny," said Shaikha Shamsa.

She said the name of the exhibition was a clear indication of the keenness to combat poverty and human suffering around the world. She also stressed on the importance of art in raising awareness.

"Art as an expressive form of creative energy is the underlying human consciousness that should be harnessed to assist the vulnerable and raise awareness of their plight in society. And this is what Art for Aid aims to achieve through their first exhibit in Abu Dhabi," said Shaikha Shamsa.