Sid Syed, Director, Aqua Investments Image Credit: Supplied

Founded in 2018, Aqua Investments provides solutions that pave the way towards generating value via solid investments, availing residency and citizenship of the world’s leading countries and eventually achieving the optimal setting for your future generations to thrive in. Through this, Aqua has earned the loyalty and trust of investors who have become its long-term partners. Its success is always measured by satisfaction and on-going referrals from its clients. Aqua Investments, among other immigration consultants in the UAE, stand out to have the best set of vibrant and well-experienced immigration consultants, investment advisors and lawyers. It is made up of a team of certified and licensed consultants, legal advisors, and a processing team who specialise in consultancy, overseas business establishment and resettlement solutions. It is established on the foundation of redefining the concept of immigration through sound knowledge, ethical and transparent immigration laws and policies which will guide you in making the right decision.

Aqua’s immigration experts will guide you through the entire process until success is met. It offers four programmes for the United Kingdom i.e. Tier 1 Innovator Visa Programme, Overseas Business Representative Visa Programme, Tier 1 Start-Up Visa Programme and Tier 1 Investor Visa Programme. It also offers citizenship by investment into properties for Turkey, Grenada, Portugal and the Caribbean. Your agreement with Aqua Investments will ensure successful results as it only pursues cases that it believes will be successful. Aqua offers a free assessment before finalising any application for citizenship by investment programmes.

Aqua Investments is also helping high-net-worth investors add the strength of the UK and other international real estates to their portfolio. Its reputation is forged on a high standard of ethics, values and client care. Whether you are seeking permanent residence, second citizenship or exclusive investment opportunities with high returns, it all starts with Aqua through its exceptional range of innovative bespoke investor programmes and services. Aqua has offices in Dubai, London, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

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