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With Expo 2021 fast approaching and innovation being a key focus for the UAE, Innov8 Tech Education Services & HP together with industry focused organizations is pleased to present the HP STEAM Expo Innovation Award. An innovative challenge bringing together engineers and innovators aged 9-18 years from across the globe, to find solutions to real world problems.

The competition is aligned with HP's 2030 Climate Action & Digital Equity Goals and also with EXPO 2021's sub-themes of Mobility, Opportunity & Sustainability.

By offering students the tools and skills they need to become changemakers, and lead systemic innovation in the new world, our aim is to give the next generation the best possible chance of reaching that goal.

Students are invited to share their solutions to real-world problems and have the opportunity to win an internship with HP.

HP STEAM Expo Innovation Award Image Credit: Supplied

HP Steam Expo Innovation Award is one of the most challenging and dynamic competitions for young minds!

This competition inspires students to think creatively about question for a better tomorrow:

 What if you could harvest some of the energy you burn during exercise and turn it into electricity?

 Could starvation be addressed by using artificial intelligence and IoT to improve crop yields and reduce food production costs?

 Could the minimum driving age limit change if you could neurologically control cars?

Attend the information session on Monday 13th September 2021 at 17:00 GST to learn more about the competition and how to complete the application form.

Schools can book the information session during school hours, for example, during assembly time, by sending an email to HPSTEAMExpo@innov8tech.me to book a slot.

After the information session, you will need to complete the application form along with a 2 minutes video to explain your innovative idea and how it aligns to at least one of the EXPO 2021 sub-themes.

Applications need to be submitted by 26th September 2021.


Selected participants will be offered design thinking workshops approximately every fortnight to develop their idea.

Additional workshop to develop skills in marketing, branding and pitching will be offered virtually and at the HP Innovation Garage – DTEC.

Workshops and timings

Empathy & Define: Thursday, 7th October 2021; 5pm

Ideate Wednesday: 13th October 2021; 5pm

Prototype: Tuesday, 26th October 2021; 5pm

Testing Monday: 8th November 2021; 17:00 GST

Branding and Marketing: Wednesday 24th November 2021; 5pm

Pitching: Monday, 6th December 2021; 5pm

Final Show: Saturday, 15th January 2022; 11am

Register for the online information session to learn more.

For more details contact Innov8 Tech Education Services, Barsha 1 on +971 4 259 3484 or +971 55 480 1455.