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30 hybrid vehicles added to the Emirates Transport Taxi fleet in Ajman Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Emirates Transport (ET) has added 30 hybrid vehicles to its fleet of taxis in Ajman, as part of its efforts to contribute to the sustainable development in the UAE, the company announced on Wednesday.

Abdullah ALghufli, ET executive director of Transport and Leasing in the Northern Emirates, stated in a press release that a plan has been put in place to modernize the current fleet of taxis and convert them into petrol and electric power hybrid vehicles that contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30 per cent, and achieve a rate of fuel efficiency that reaches up to 30 per cent.

Abdulaziz Al Suwaidi, ET manager of Transport and Leasing Operations in Ajman and the Central Region, stated that adding 30 hybrid vehicles to the fleet of Emirates Transport Taxis in Ajman increased the overall number of the company’s fleet to 250 vehicles.

He said these hybrid vehicles are the first batch within a target of 105 green vehicles to be introduced by the end of this year.

As many as 957,000 trips were done in 2019 through 220 taxis.

ALghufli said the application of green practices in ET’s operations comes in line with the ambitious plans and visions of the UAE’s leadership to achieve comprehensive sustainable development and reduce the carbon footprint in the country.

He said the taxi transport operations provided by ET in Ajman are monitored periodically by the Ajman Transport Authority, which oversees all transport services in the emirate.