The MoU covers social case management services, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, training, and data sharing on people of determination and their families Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) and the Family Care Authority (FCA) in Abu Dhabi have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance their mutual cooperation in the delivery of integrated social services for people of determination and their families.

Covering various forms of social case management services, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, training, and data sharing on people of determination and their families, the MoU reiterates the importance of partnership and collaboration between national entities responsible for delivering efficient services to support sustainable social development.

Abdulla Abdulalee Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of ZHO, and Dr Bushra Al Mulla, FCA Director-General, signed the memorandum at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi (DCD) in the presence of several key officials from both sides.

The MoU aims to improve and integrate the social services provided by ZHO and FCA to the targeted groups to deliver a positive impact on society. Under its provisions, both entities will collaborate to develop and implement a series of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services and specialised training programs for people of determination.

Feedback system

In addition, the MoU facilitates the exchange of data and reports on targeted people and establishes dedicated communication channels to allow them to submit complaints. The memorandum also provides for the development of effective plans to support people of determination through social, psychological, and rehabilitation measures along with other measures in line with the mandates of ZHO and FCA.

Al Humaidan said: “ZHO has signed several MoUs and agreements with various government and private entities to provide best-in-class services to people of determination and their families. This ensures their assimilation into mainstream society and contributes to sustainable development in line with ZHO’s mandate and the directives of our wise leadership.”

Case management

Under the MoU, FCA will mobilise all forms of support possible to support people of determination and their families through a case management system and an integrated framework of services. In addition to providing the data necessary to support their psychological and social wellbeing in line with international standards, the authority will assess the challenges, proposals and legislation needed to improve and develop services for people of determination and their families and will also carry out joint research and studies needed to tackle those issues specific to them.

Dr Al Mulla said: “This MoU demonstrates FCA’s commitment to step up its efforts and enhance collaboration with like-minded organisations operating in the social sector in Abu Dhabi, especially ZHO. By increasing the efficiency of social services and improving beneficiary access, we will ensure that we achieve our shared goal of promoting an improved standard of living for families and strengthening the overall well-being of society.”

He added: “The MoU will help us offer comprehensive social services to beneficiaries by adopting the latest practices in service integration and social case management.”

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Social counselling

ZHO will ensure support and services for cases submitted by people of determination to FCA through the assistance of ZHO specialists based on case management plans and prior coordination between case managers from both entities. The case managers will evaluate the cases based on assessments of hearing, sight, speech, mental and physical disabilities, functional and academic skills, behaviour disorders and autism. This will allow them to diagnosis the type and degree of disability and ensure appropriate psychological and social counselling for people of determination and their families that covers prevention and treatment of psychological, behavioural and adaptive problems and developmental disorders.

ZHO will also offer specialised training programs to meet the needs of people of determination and will also share data on these people and their families with FCA. In addition to offering specialised technical and professional advice on environmental specifications and standards for people of determination across FCA’s buildings and facilities, ZHO will provide services to support the case management of these people along with relevant research and studies. These measures will help identify the challenges and propose the legislation needed to improve the services offered to people of determination and their families.