Abu Dhabi: One of the world's largest one-day fundraisers for cancer research, the Abu Dhabi Terry Fox Run (ADFTR), will take place on Friday.

The event represents Terrence Stanley Fox's suffering from a rare type of bone cancer or osteosarcoma, which specialists say is curable today.

Internationally, the UAE is ranked 6th among 39 participating countries in the amount of money raised in 2006 with over Dh3 million revenue from annual fundraisers all earmarked for cancer research through the UAE University, Al Ain.

In addition, the Abu Dhabi Run is ranked fourth in the number of participants. Registration begins at 8am and the event will start at 10am tomorrow.

The run will kick off from the parking lot behind the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort to the Khaleej Al Arabi road and back.

You can walk, run, roller-blade or skateboard, but cycling will not be permitted due to safety precautions.