Specialised experts from police, health, judiciary and community development sectors led the course Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police recently organised a five-day specialised course on how to identify victims of disasters.

The topic was discussed by 49 participants from countries in the region and specialised experts from police, health, judiciary and community development sectors at the federal and local levels.

Brigadier Mohammed Dahi Al Humairi, acting director of the Central Operations Sector, stressed the importance of the course in spreading the knowledge about the Disaster Victim Identification System, developing technical capabilities and police skills in the field of Crisis and Disaster Management, following the best international standards, and raising the level of preparedness in handling various emergency situations.

Colonel Ahmed Nasser Al Kindi, director of Crisis and Disaster Management Department, said the participants were introduced to the concept of crisis and disaster management in general, the management of Disaster Victim Identification System at all stages, and the technical and coordination procedures in place to identify unidentified bodies during disasters in accordance with the protocol and standard of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol). Additionally, ‘Table Top Exercises’ were carried out to apply the concepts of the system in order to equip participants with the necessary skills.