Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Abu Dhabi Police has joined forces with Muhammad Bin Zayed University of Humanities (MBZUH) in a groundbreaking agreement aimed at fostering academic cooperation, exchanging expertise in training, professional development, and community service.

This strategic partnership seeks to elevate the skill sets of police personnel while providing valuable vocational training and summer work opportunities for students of Muhammad Bin Zayed University of Humanities.

The signing of the agreement took place in the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, and Dr. Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, Director of Muhammad bin Zayed University for Humanities, under the patronage of Dr. Mohammed Rashid Al Hameli, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Muhammad bin Zayed University for Humanities.



Highlighting the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to strengthening collaboration and partnerships, Major General Al Sharifi emphasised the significance of unifying efforts and exchanging experiences with strategic allies.

Such cooperation aligns with the government’s plans and policies, leading to notable and positive outcomes for the dedicated personnel of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command.

Dr. Al Dhaheri noted that the agreement between Muhammad Bin Zayed University for Humanities and the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police represents “a transformative leap forward”.

It signifies the university’s unwavering dedication to nurturing scientific, knowledge, and community partnerships, as well as exchanging experiences with local entities and institutions.


This milestone aligns with the university’s overarching strategy to engage with vital sectors within the country, forge lasting connections, and establish partnerships that serve the local community.

Dr. Al Dhaheri further emphasised the pivotal role played by the Abu Dhabi Police General Command in promoting stability and community security, highlighting that the agreement aims to strengthen the areas of collaboration between both entities.

Underpinning the university’s vision of exchanging experiences, knowledge, and fostering synergy across various sectors, Dr. Al Dhaheri stated: “The university will spare no effort to achieve the objectives of this exemplary partnership on the ground. It represents the commencement of future strategic cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police General Command and marks an advanced step in our shared responsibility towards the local community.”

Comprehensive framework

The agreement encompasses a comprehensive framework that enhances coordination and governs the relationship between the two entities. It emphasises the maximum utilisation of available resources, including the exchange of information and experiences, knowledge transfer, joint studies, and publication of articles in respective magazines and publications. Both parties will benefit from learning resources and databases, working towards establishing a unified index of scientific and academic sources and references in compliance with their respective legislations.
Moreover, the agreement facilitates collaboration in utilising scientific and professional electronic databases to maximise mutual benefits.

The exchange of publications, books, periodicals, and research in Arabic or any other language, as well as cooperation in logistics services, human resources, and technical capabilities, further solidify this dynamic partnership.

The collaboration encompasses the utilisation of venues, libraries, technical centers, and facilities for implementing joint activities and events, notifying and inviting each party to participate in relevant scientific, educational, and training endeavours.

Cultural, scientific activities

The agreement also paves the way for joint cooperation in organising cultural and scientific events, as well as community service projects.

It will foster the launch of awareness and media initiatives that promote national identity, instill a sense of national pride, and reinforce a culture of reading among individuals within society while also garnering media attention.

Furthermore, the partnership aims to enhance cooperation in curriculum development, creating broader academic opportunities, enabling personnel from each entity to participate in practical training programs offered by the other party, providing vocational training, and summer work opportunities to students of Muhammad bin Zayed University for Humanities.

This collaboration will ensure the qualification of police cadres in accordance with available specializations and applicable legislation. Additionally, the partnership seeks to propagate knowledge, culture, and the teachings of the Islamic religion in a manner that bolsters general security, stability, and benefits all members of society. Cooperation in other mutually agreed-upon areas will also be explored between the two entities.

The alliance between the Abu Dhabi Police and MBZUH heralds a new chapter of comprehensive collaboration and knowledge exchange.

As this partnership unfolds, it will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of academic excellence, the empowerment of police officers, and the holistic development of individuals, thereby fostering the well-being and prosperity of the community at large.