A new behind-the-scenes video of Ryan Reynolds’ ‘6 Underground’, which was extensively shot in Abu Dhabi, has been released showing how the action flick came together in the UAE.

The shoot in the capital took place in 24 different locations, with Abu Dhabi doubling up for California and Hong Kong. The Michael Bay-directed film follows a billionaire called One, played by Ryan Reynolds, who recruits a motley crew of vigilantes who have led all their loved ones to believe they’re all dead — and attempt to bring about justice around the globe, including in the fictional country of Turgistan.

“We are proud to have played such an important role in ensuring the shoot went smoothly and seamlessly, demonstrating once again that Abu Dhabi has the infrastructure, talent and expertise to support even the most challenging productions,” said Maryam Eid Al Mheiri, the vice chair of twofour54, the production hub which facilitated the shoot. “This end-to-end offering, combined with the generous 30 per cent cash rebate, is why the world’s leading filmmakers are choosing the emirate for their productions time and time again.”

In the video, the ‘6 Underground’ crew reveal how the rich diversity of locations in Abu Dhabi meant they were used not only for scenes set in a fictional Middle Eastern country (Turgistan) but other locations around the world, including Hong Kong and Las Vegas. This included ADGM Square and Reem Island doubling for Hong Kong in one key action sequence, Etihad Towers doubled as Las Vegas and Al Hamra in Ras Al Khaimah was used for scenes set in Afghanistan. A mansion for the lead villain was set at Emirates Palace, while twofour54’s backlot and the famous Liwa desert was used for the fictional country in the film, Turgistan.

“It’s very versatile to have a place where you can literally have five minutes away a different country,” Bay said. “I have shot all around the world and I’m always looking for something different. What I love about Abu Dhabi is that there is a modernity to it, there’s a beautiful aesthetic to the desert, there’s a beautiful aesthetic to the city.”

Various Abu Dhabi entities and government helped out, including the use of six Apache helicopters from the UAE Military, as well as 10 Blackhawk aircraft and soldiers for extras.

“We were able to do something pretty extraordinary with that kind of support,” said Jeffrey Beecroft, the film’s Production Designer.

‘6 Underground’ marked the return of Netflix to Abu Dhabi, which filmed ‘War Machine’, starring Brad Pitt, in the Emirate in 2015. The film is now streaming.