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Motorists attending a course on traffic laws in order to recover their driving licence. Image Credit: Instagram/@adpolicehq

Abu Dhabi: Motorists who have had their driving licences suspended after accumulating 24 traffic black points must attend a course on traffic laws in order to recover their licences, the Abu Dhabi Police has reminded.

The fee of Dh2,400 payable to recover the driving licence can now be paid in instalments as part of a payment programme available at five major banks. The programme does not impose any interest or profit collection on the pending amount.

Easy licence recovery

In a statement, Abu Dhabi Police called upon motorists to attend the course and added that the instalment-based payment scheme will ease the financial burden related to licence recovery.

A motorist’s driving license is suspended in Abu Dhabi emirate if he or she accumulates a total of 24 traffic black points in a year.

Payment through covered credit card

In order to recover the licence and pay off the fines in instalments, motorists must have a covered credit card with either First Abu Dhabi Bank, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, or Mashreq Islamic Bank, or Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, or Emirates Islamic Bank. They must then register for the programme and pay a fee of Dh800 to attend the retraining course.

After the course, motorists can pay off the remaining instalments with their covered cards on Abu Dhabi Police’s website or on smartphone application.