Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has set up a spatial data information base and delivered a host of significant projects under a comprehensive plan aimed at upgrading the Geographic Information System (GIS)and survey in 2010.

The projects comply with the developmental, environmental and socio-economic aspects envisaged in Abu Dhabi Strategic Plan 2030, especially in urban planning sector, said a statement issued by the municipality.

According to Engineer Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector at the municipality, in spatial data management contributed to providing a strategic reserve of geographic information and data to support proper evidence-based decision-making process when planning for comprehensive development projects.

The municipality has taken the initiative at the regional and international level by carrying out a number of qualitative projects such as the construction of a 3 D model for Abu Dhabi emirate. "Its hydrographic information systems section has started the construction of a database that includes all engineering hydrographic works needed to plan and implement coastal development projects and other projects of strategic significance", he added.

"The Municipality is continually coordinating with other related entities in order to define and meet the governmental requirements in view of the importance of spatial database in the demographic, health, economic and agricultural planning and other vital fields. For these purposes, the municipality provides solid and evolvable information infrastructure in support of smooth and rapid decision-making through visualized 2D and 3D models with high analytical and modeling capacities", he said.

Regarding the projects already carried out and those underway, engineer Yousef Al Marzooqi, Director of Spatial Data, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: "The Base Map Project in 2010 intended to update the spatial database of Abu Dhabi emirate and activate the role of the base map in securing the necessary information constituting the knowledge base for proper planning and practical decision-making".

The municipality has also carried out the drafting of the specifications and manual of residential units data exchange project with the aim of establishing a joint mechanism for all government bodies for the geographic coding at the locations of residential units based on the standard real estate numbers central registry. The GIS and Aerial Photography Online Data Project is an important project carried out for building an integrated system for review, analysis and exchange of the Municipality's data of spatial significance.

"The Spatial Data Division is in the process of undertaking other projects, some of which will be completed in 2011 and others are scheduled for completion at a later stage such as the Earthquake Risk Control and Management System Project scheduled for 2012; which is considered a premier project at the national level", he said.