Dubai: Fifty vehicles were impounded by Dubai Police for violating traffic rules during National Day celebrations.

Violations included stunts, reckless driving, drifting, noise disturbance, racing and driving with an expired registration, evading police and driving modified vehicles.

Impoundments ranged from one to two months with fines of up to Dh12,000 plus black points.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said, “Such behaviour endangers the lives of the driver and other road users, as well as the people who stand on the side of the road to watch the drifting.

“We identified the drivers who were involved in those actions and impounded 50 vehicles,” he said.

Driving a vehicle in dangerous manner is subject to a Dh12,000 fine, confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days and 23 black points.

“Some motorists are ignorant to the deadly consequences of drifting and racing in unauthorised places,” added Al Mazroui.

“Losing control of vehicles will result in serious injuries and deaths,” he said.

According to the UAE traffic law, motorists who evade police or refuse to stop will also be, fined Dh10,000, given 12 black points, and have their vehicles impounded for 30 days.

Al Mazroui urged drivers to cooperate with police to ensure traffic safety and report any violations to 901.