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The 39th edition of the Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive was an adrenalin ride from the start, with the Tilal Swaihan campsite being the biggest draw on the 2020 adventure scale.

The site, which officially opened to the public in December 2018, aims to preserve the culture and heritage of the city of Al Ain.

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“Tilal Swaihan is unique for blending local resources and the rich culture of the area with best international tourism amenities and world-class facilities for sand sports and cultural events,” Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Group CEO of ADNEC and president of the organising committee of Tilal Swaihan Camp, said at time of launch.

With thrilling activities, luxury camping and fun rides for the family, here’s why the Al Ain hotpot is perfect for your next overnighter as the weather continues to delight.

Did someone say camping?

Luxury camping or glamping is the name of the game here. Tilal Swaihan’s extensive campground features a permanent campsite, complete with cabins for those who are looking for a more ‘comfortable’ overnighter.

However, if your idea of fun is to pitch up a tent and enjoy the rustic pleasures of live, then a temporary campsite provides just that.

There’s an activity for everyone

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Participanta enjoying taking picture with falcon during the Gulf News Overnighter fun drive at Tilal Sweihan in Al Ain on 17 JAN 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

Racetracks and special activity zones have been set up to satisfy desert lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. And if it’s taste of the UAE’s rich culture and heritage you are seeking, then visitors also can also bear witness to local Bedouin traditions that have been passed down generations.

Got kids? Don’t fret as they will find themselves enjoying various games, horse riding and bicycle racing that will keep them engaged.

Cycle track

Yes, we all know about Al Qudra’s cycle track, but have you tried the Tilal Swaihan route as yet? Designed for cycling enthusiasts, the route provides an unforgettable experience for both beginners and professionals.

Sand Drag Racing

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People trying their agility at Fastfit stand during the Gulf News Overnight fun drive at Tilal Sweihan in Al Ain on 17 JAN 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

Car enthusiasts can either sign up or simply show up to cheer on and catch the thrills along the a 91-metre long desert race for four wheeled off-road cars, where the racer who crosses the distance in the shortest time and at the fastest speed will emerge the winner.

This year’s races have already commenced, with the third round taking place on January 31 at 4pm, while the fourth round will be held on February 28 at 4pm.

Car categories include Pro Mod, V8 Turbo, V8 Nitrous, L6 Turbo and L6 Nitrous.

Similarly, the Swaihan Sand Drag Race for Bikes and Buggies remains a top draw as well. The next race is on February 7 at 4pm, followed by March 6 at 4pm.

Food Trucks and more

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Participanta taking picture with camel during the Gulf News Overnighter fun drive at Tilal Sweihan in Al Ain on 17 JAN 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News

Everyone’s favourite street food eating concept makes its way over on the camp grounds, perfect for those after race bingeing sessions.

The site also has facilities like a souq selling souvenirs and traditional handicraft items, a shop dedicated to camping supplies, an exclusive area for traditional and modern games, trailer-equipped yards, extensive parking space and a sandy racecourse for ATV.