Dubai: Two fifths or 40 per cent of employees in a UAE survey haven’t had a salary increase for two years, according to Tiger Recruitment, a recruiter for business support staff in the UAE.

Nearly three quarters or 71 per cent haven’t had a bonus in the last 12 months and almost a third or 29 per cent believe their employer isn’t transparent about how pay rises and pay levels are set.

The study, which questioned workers across the region, suggests that the pay rises predicted at the end of 2018 have still not materialised for many, with only a third of workers (33 per cent) saying they have had a pay rise in the last 12 months.

However, on a more positive note, the findings indicate that salaries aren’t necessarily the top priority for many candidates when looking for a new role, with wider benefits and other perks valued just as highly. When asked what factors most attracted them to their current role, candidates cited work environment, job security and work-life balance.