Lulu staff
The 20 lucky winners Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian central buyer at a retail group, Sanoop Sunil, is among a group of 20 people who won the latest Big Ticket draw in Abu Dhabi that held a mega prize of Dh15 million.

Sanoop Sunil (right) with his wife and kid.
Sanoop Sunil with his family Image Credit: Supplied

The 20 lucky winners are all staff of Lulu Supermarket based in Doha, Qatar.

Sunil, who is the son-in-law of Malayalam film actor-comedian Harisree Ashokan, said he felt very lucky with his win.

He said his share of the win is around Dh750,000.

“Any amount you win in a draw is a blessing from God. It is good luck. So I am very happy with my share of win,” said Sunil.

“This win is life-changing for all of us who had bought the ticket,” said Sunil.

Sunil has been working in Qatar for seven years.

He said he had not given his Qatar phone number to the Big Ticket organisers which made it difficult for them to contact him.

“I had given the India number which had roaming, but I did not pick up the phone when the orgaisers called. When I saw a few repeated calls, I answered,” said Sunil.

“I listed one of my lucky telephone numbers. It has a multiple of 8s in the mobile number. As you know 8 is a good number, sign of infinity and it was on the ticket too. As luck would have it — we won."

Sunil bought the winning ticket No. 183947 on July 13. 

Other winners

There were other winners on August 3: Indian national Johnson Kunjukunju won Dh1 million; Palestinian Hanna Hamati took home Dh500,000; Bangladeshi Tanvir Mohtab Islam got Dh350,000 and Indian Renald Daniel Dh100,000.