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Handling the COVID-19 outbreak

I want to convey my appreciation to the UAE government regarding the successful control of the COVID-19 situation (“UAE Ministry of Health opens Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for 12-15 age group”, Gulf News, June 01). The vaccination drive and the measures taken to ensure that all citizens are successfully vaccinated are commendable. It encourages people to follow all the rules and norms. The provision of vaccines not only for adults but also for children is also remarkable. The way this COVID-19 situation is being handled is exemplary and noteworthy. I recommend everyone to follow all the prevention measures and get vaccinated as soon as possible. We should all appreciate the government for its efforts.

From Ms Mukti Chaturvedi


Tribute to a friend

The news about the death of Gulf News staffer Santhosh Kumar was so shocking (“Gulf News editor pays tribute to a friend and colleague snatched away by post-COVID-19 complications”, Gulf News, May 26 ). As a regular reader of Gulf News for decades, I do not know whether any of my letters passed through his hands, but the news came as a real shock. Unbelievable, as we are losing people one after another, whether they are personally known to us or not, the deaths due to Coronavirus continue to haunt me. I wish his family the courage to live with the beautiful memories he has left for them. Rest in peace, Santhosh Kumar.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair

Muscat, Oman

Kerala elections

All enthusiasm gained at the massive victory of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the recent elections in the Indian state of Kerala faded with the selection of candidates to the ministerial posts. Some new faces caused the rejection of some old and experienced politicians like KK Shailaja, the former health minister. People who oppose the induction of first-time cabinet ministers should not forget that all experts were beginners once. Giving opportunities to more people should be treated as a good gesture in democracy. People of Kerala are still under the notion that politicians contest and win elections mainly for public service. The selection of Mohammad Riyas, the son-in-law of the chief minister of Kerala, as a cabinet minister precisely elaborates how LDF became a political party of family affairs. His son-in-law’s accession as a minister is a well-planned selection of Pinarayi Vijayan to control power in contingencies. Another outstanding factor applied over merit while selecting ministers is their religious affiliations. Gradually, the party unknowingly gave way for consolidating BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) votes in the state, as happened in West Bengal, where BJP became the main opposition party by ensuring an almost rout for left and congress party.

From Mr Girish R Edathitta

Kerala, India

COVID-19 in India

I am a Grade 7 student living in the UAE. The sudden spike of cases of COVID-19 cases in India is heart-breaking. When COVID-19 was under control, people became careless. Gatherings started, and no one even thought of maintaining any physical distance. Then the elections came, and my home state, West Bengal, became one of the worst-hit states in India. My father is now stuck in India as we never expected such carelessness from people. My whole family is terrified about the future situation in India, and for all the people suffering there. It is a reminder to stay sanitised and maintain physical distancing when outside. I will get the vaccine in a few days. Let us stay safe, healthy, home, and be productive.

From Mr Aakash Mishra


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