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Marriage Fund to encourage Emirati men to marry UAE women

The announcement came during the second media briefing held in the capital

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Abu Dhabi: With more Emiratis marrying foreigners, the Marriage Fund will focus on encouraging men to marry UAE countrywomen in coming years.

Several announcements were made during the second media briefing held in the capital to highlight major milestones achieved and future plans for 2014 until 2016.

According to statistics, over 500 Emirati women married non-Emiratis, while around 2000 Emirati men married foreigners in 2011.

“The Fund will organise several lectures for parents across the UAE warning them of the negative impacts which might result from Emiratis marrying foreigners,” Dr Maitha Salem Al Shamsi, Minister of State and Chairwoman of the Marriage Fund, said.

In a survey conducted by the Fund earlier, around 87 per cent of respondents explained that expensive dowry was the reason behind low marriage rates among Emirati women.

“It is our responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of coherent and stable families in the UAE. Therefore, the Fund will educate parents on the disadvantages of costly marriage practices and requirements, which hinder young Emiratis from starting a new life,” she said.

More programmes will be conducted to raise awareness on how to enjoy a happy and stable family life, manage financial responsibilities, and solve problems that might start with married lives,” she added.