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3,362 cases of speeding in Sharjah

90 patrols deployed to organise traffic in the emirate during Ramadan

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Sharjah Police recorded 3,362 instances of motorists speeding close to iftar time since the beginning of Ramadan.

Sharjah Police have deployed 90 patrols on roads to organise traffic in the emirate during Ramadan.

Major Khald Al Kay, Deputy Director of the Traffic Department, said most of the traffic accidents happen minutes before iftar because motorists are in a hurry to reach home to end their fast.

He urged motorists to slow down and be extra careful especially around iftar time.

Maj Al Kay said the Sharjah Police is working with charitable institutions to distribute iftar meals to motorists on a number of roads, including at junctions where there is heavy traffic congestion.

Safe Ramadan drive

“It is part of our Safe Ramadan campaign. We distribute meals to motorists minutes before iftar to encourage them to drive carefully. Motorists commit offences like speeding, driving on the hard shoulder, jumping the red light and not following lane discipline. These violations can cause accidents,” said Maj Al Kay.

The Sharjah Traffic Department organised a number of safety campaigns through social media and distribution of brochures to motorists to educate them on the importance of safe driving.