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1,500 children participated in road safety education campaign

On completion of campaign they receive a personalised licence

Image Credit: PHOTO:Organiser
Bringing road safety awareness and education to school children with the My First License™ – I Know My Road Rules™ programme is an ongoing yearly commitment by BMW Group Middle East along with Ciel Events.
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Dubai: More than 1,500 children experienced interactive learning process of driving during a road safety education campaign organised by BMW Group Middle East.

The children in four schools across Dubai within the age group of 5-9 years had a very exciting day with a specially created mini road network in their schools which included road signs, zebra crossings, a roundabout and traffic signals. A qualified instructor told them about road safety basics and to identify and know the difference between key road signs. What sealed the education process was the hands on experience the children got while using the miniature cars in the mock road network.

Designed to make it exciting and have a long last impression on the schoolchildren, the programme is created to include a holistic approach to teaching them the essentials of road safety with both theory and activity.

The initiative is supported by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) as well as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

“Statistics show that the education of children as future road users needs to be an ongoing priority, and as such, forms part of our broader efforts to making the UAE’s roads safer,” said Deema Hussain, Traffic Awareness Senior Manager at the RTA.

She said that the innovative road safety learning programme aims to instill good habits from an early age, which will protect them later in life.

Roshanara Sait, founder of the campaign said: “Children influence their parent’s driving styles and this initiative helps inculcate good road safety etiquette, teaching them to be responsible road users in the future.”

On completion of the campaign each child receives a personalised licence endorsed by the Roads and Transport Authority and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) stating ‘My First Licence — I Know My Road Rules’.

This licence does not permit the child to drive however, it does indicate that the licence holder has attended a programme on road safety and is now aware of basic road safety rules.

According the post event analysis last year, the figures are very promising and reiterate the positive impact the campaign has on participating students. 92 per cent of parents said that their children now buckle up automatically or ask to be buckled up when they get into the car.

95 per cent of parents said their children now have a greater understanding of the importance of buckling up.

87 per cent of parents said their children now encourage siblings to buckle up when getting into the car. 94 per cent of parents believe such initiatives have an impact on their own and their child’s future driving habits.

The participating schools this year are, GEMS Modern Academy, Nord Anglia International School, Deira International School and GEMS Wellington Academy.