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Couple accused of illicit sex after woman reported assault

Divorced woman charged with having illicit sex with married man who is half her age

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Dubai: A 51-year-old divorced woman and a married clerk, who is half her age, have been accused of having illicit sex. The case of having sex out of wedlock was registered after she complained to the police that the clerk had beaten her up.

The woman, who is a divorced mother, was said to be in the villa that she shares with several persons including the 26-year-old married clerk (from a different nationality) when he assaulted her in August.

The woman and the clerk were believed to have indulged in a heated argument in the room that they shared in Jumeirah area before the woman reported to the police that she had been beaten and bruised by the man.

Further police interrogations made the complainant [woman] reveal that she had been having a sexual affair with the man for nearly a year as they had been staying in the same room since 2016.

The man was summoned for further questioning, during which he alleged that he was married and had never had any form of sexual encounter with the woman, whom he called a “close friend”.

Prosecutors accused the 26-year-old suspect of assaulting the woman.

The duo were also charged with having sex out of wedlock.

When the woman showed up before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, she pleaded denied the accusation of having an illicit affair with the man.

The male suspect did not enter a plea as he failed to show up in court.

During trial in the assault case, the married man had pleaded not guilty, but the court fined him Dh2,000.

During police questioning, the single mother testified that she met the man a year ago and love blossomed between them before she moved in to stay in the same house.

She claimed that they had consensual sex several times and the last encounter was one week before she complained to the police that he had beaten her.

The man countered the woman’s claims of having a love affair between them.

The 26-year-old told interrogators that they were friends and that he had never had a sexual encounter with the 51-year-old.

In his police statement, the man said he got to know the woman only after she moved in to share the same place where he had been staying.

The trial in the consensual sex case resumes next month.