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Yemen VP calls for calm after bloody day

Abdul Rabbu Mansour Hadi calls for all parties in the country to stick to the ceasefire

Sana’a: Yemeni acting president Abdul Rabbu Mansour Hadi called on Sunday for all parties in the country to stick to the ceasefire after forces loyal to the outgoing president Ali Abdullah shot dead over 9 protesters on Saturday in the capital.

Hadi, who was talking to the American ambassador in Yemen Gerald Feierstein urged political forces to stop escalation of violence and halt any activities that could go against the UN resolution and the Gulf-brokered peace deal.

According to Saba new agency, the American ambassador told Hadi that the US and the international community are committed to help Yemen get out of the crisis. On Saturday, security forces contingents led by Saleh’s son and nephew opened fire with guns, tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators, who marched for days from the southern city of Taiz to the capital with signs that said “No to immunity!”

The protesters hope to pressure the government not to grant Saleh immunity from prosecution after agreeing to resign as Yemen president. Activists demanded the American ambassador to apologize for condemning anti-Saleh protests and labeling them as non-peaceful. “During our journey we did not throw a single stone, cut a single tree, loot a single story or hurt one human being. We simply want Saleh and his regime to face trial for their crimes against the Yemeni people,” a statement released by the Revolutionary Council in Taiz read.