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4 fake explosive belts cause panic in Yemen

13 Al Qaida men arrested in south

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Sana’a: The Yemeni ministry of defence said on Monday that the four explosive belts that were found in Sana’a markets were filled with soil and apparently intended to cause panic.

The incident raised fear among people about the return of attacks carried out by suicide bombers with explosive belts that rocked the capital this year.

The ministry’s news website said that police rushed to Al Safia district in the capital after receiving reports from local people about suspicious items found in the street. ”After examining the four items, they turned out to be fake belts filled with soil,” the website said.

On August 8, Yemen police said it foiled a plot by Al Qaida to carry out attacks inside the capital by donating 40 belts packed with explosives.

On Sunday night, the ministry also announced the huge explosion that rocked defence district in the capital was caused by either a bomb or a projectile thrown into a yard of a police bakery. The ministry said that the explosion did not cause any human casualties and caused cracks on walls and windows of neighbouring houses.

Separately in the south, the ministry of interior said that security forces in Dhalae province arrested 13 Al Qaida militants in 2012, two of whom were among five militants who escaped from the intelligence prison in the Red Sea city of Hudieda in June.